Just learn Easier to Have a Sucessful Event

Today, there are so many events that you can use as one source of income. There are birthday events, applications, bridal shower, baby shower, and if you have a high skill, you can create a branded event. If you have any creative ideas to pack an event and make it even more festive, maybe you are fit to do business in the event organizer field. Before plunging into the world of event organizer, you must know the first thing to do, as well as the scope of work. You can find out this online or directly ask other people first to open EO business (Event Organizer). In order to know what to do in an event, you must be diligent to attend every event. Starting from seminars, launching new products, exhibitions, and others. The more events you attend, the wider your knowledge.


To determine the theme and concept of the event, you can brainstorm ideas together with the team. Then gather their ideas and vote on which concepts and themes to choose from. After determining the theme and concept, then next you have to do is divide a clear task or form the event committee. You can divide the committee into several divisions and make sure each division has a clear job desk, if necessary to record the job desk. It’s important to schedule an intense appointment in the event preparation. This meeting can further finalize the concept of the event and bring the team members closer so that more solid. Communication between team members can be better intertwined with the holding of this meeting.

Next step is, making your event to be more safety and clearly, especially if you creating a branded event. So if you want to have a successful branded event, you can try to use PouchNation. Pouch is a sophisticated system for event controllers to help event organizers take care of their events to be more sleek, secure and sophisticated. And also in cooperation with the organizing committee of TAFISA games 2016 in Jakarta, in the application of NFC system supporting security and visitor management.